The company is actively exploring overseas markets

Luogen (Shanghai) General Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional design, development and manufacturing of all kinds of fan enterprises,The fans manufactured by Luogen Ventilation are widely used in petrochemical industry, metallurgical smelting, automobile manufacturing, ship supporting, chemical fiber textile, printing dye, environmental protection, building materials, HVAC refrigeration and other industries,The company also actively participates in the supporting of national infrastructure projects,For all walks of life to provide quality supporting fan and fan related services。

The company has a collection of scientific research, technology and management talents as one of the excellent team, adhering to the "do a high quality, fine.&Quasi-fan, only to give you more professional service "Lugen ventilation corporate culture, promote the sustainable development of the company。

The company combines its own and domestic and foreign fan industry changes and development,Continuously improve the advanced nature of the company's professional production equipment and industry professional software upgrade,Three view or three dimensional fan drawings should be provided to meet the needs of the industry and customers,Bring convenience to customers,The company has always kept pace with The Times so that the use of products has been maintained in the industry's leading level。

The company has passed iOS9001 and explosion-proof fans and other national authority certification, and has passed the EU CE certification to actively explore overseas markets, the Chinese manufacturing and Chinese brands to the world。